Hemp Biofuel Refinery

Making clean fuel



Our engineering team determine exactly what is needed for the facility.
Design process (front-end engineering), trouble-shooting and optimization, feasibility studies, computer simulations, detail design, construction management and startup.



Our quest to obtain a profitable plant design unprecedented in the industry, obtaining ecologically rational and low pollution plants that use hemp as raw material for the production of biofuels.


Environmental Protection

We design equipment to perform to the highest standards of water and air pollution control, recycling and wastewater treatment. Our Environmental engineers conduct hazardous-waste management studies in which we evaluate the significance of the hazard, offer analysis on treatment and develop regulations to prevent accidents.



Traditional fuel sources hurt the environment, and they’re running out. Air pollution from processing fossil fuels harms the troposphere, and indirectly depletes ozone from our atmosphere.
The price for hyper efficiency is evident, which is why alternative fuel sources are becoming so important. Today we focus on a fuel source that hits close to home.

That alternative is hemp biofuel.

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The world’s largest hemp crop